Solar Installation: Common Mistakes and Best Practices

In 2023 the Clean Energy Council suspended 166 accreditations and cancelled 51. Most of the cases opened came from the Clean Energy Regulator’s inspections program [1] which focuses on quality and compliance of installations across the country. GSES has been part of the Clean Energy Regulator’s inspection program for many years and has seen all […]

Wiring Rules AS NZS 3000:2018 – Key Updates to the Standard and What They Mean for Installers

The latest version of the Australian and New Zealand Standard: Electrical Installations “Wiring Rules” (AS/NZS 3000:2018) has now been published, and will supersede AS/NZS 3000:2007. Updates to the Standard have been made to reflect new technologies, equipment, and installation techniques. This article explores some of the most significant changes presented in the standard, and how […]

Those who can, do…and they should also teach

George Bernard Shaw wrote “Those who can, do. Those who can’t, teach” in his 1903 play “Man and Superman”. This quote has been widely used to disparage teachers and, in addition to the quote being broad-brushed and obtuse, it also implies that the two are mutually exclusive. GSES has two core offerings; Training and Consulting. […]

Renewable Energy Capacity Building vs. Building Capacity

Renewable Energy Capacity Building vs Building Capacity; Even though they are the same two words, the order and meanings are quite different. Building capacity, in the context of renewable energy, is deploying energy producing systems and associated infrastructure. Capacity building however, covers a myriad of matters associated with renewable energy, before, during and after the […]

The Pacific Perspective – The Energy Tri-lemma, Battery Storage in American Samoa and New Zealand Case Studies.

Last week Samoa held the Pacific Power Associations (PPA) 26th Annual conference in Samoa. As an allied member of the PPA and a Pacific training organisation, GSES attended the week-long conference. The Island Nations in the Pacific rely predominantly on diesel generators in large or micro-grid configurations for power supply. These Nations have turned to […]

Pumped hydro storage in Australia- can a liquid battery compete?

In the past months, there have been many discussions centered around pumped hydro storage schemes. Most notably of which is the current government announcement to expand the iconic Snowy Hydro system as well as South Australia’s investigation into pumped hydro from Spencer Gulf. It is well-known that some renewable energy systems are intermittent and their […]

Professional Development for the Energy Storage Industry – Who needs it?

The ever increasing publicity and media surrounding ‘Energy Storage’ is promulgated by all sectors of the energy market: industry journalists, network operators, energy retailers, equipment retailers, wholesalers, system designers, and installers. What training is currently available for the energy storage industry? From GSES’ perspective, as an engineering consultancy and training company, the additional knowledge and […]

Utility Scale Solar: Dual Purpose Land Usage Opportunities

Recent months have seen the approval of many landmark developments of utility scale solar farms, such as the 2GW proposal in Bulli Creek, NSW and the 130MW proposal in Clair, QLD. These developments will take up vast amounts of land: the 130MW solar farm will take up 340 hectares of cane sugar fields, and the […]

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