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Welcome to Global Sustainable Energy Solutions Australia, experts in renewable solar energy. We offer training, design, consulting and inspection services to help create a greener future.

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Accreditation Courses

GSES Accreditation Courses provide you with the training required to obtain your accreditation from Solar Accreditation Australia.

GSES is the premier renewables training group in Australia. For more than two decades, we’ve been providing the best quality training available anywhere taught by industry experts, featuring:

  • Self-Paced Online Learning
  • Hardcopy Textbook
  • One-to-one Tutor Support
  • Live Chat
  • In-Person Practicals (Install)

Whether you’re an engineer or electrician or neither, there is a pathway for you to become accredited.

  • Grid-Connected PV Systems
  • Battery Storage for Grid-Connected PV Systems
  • Stand-Alone Power Systems
  • CPD Short Courses

CPD Courses

Earn CPD points for your SAA (previously CEC) Accreditation with GSES professional short courses. All GSES CPD short courses are self-paced online with one-to-one tutor support.


From 30kW to 5MW of grid connected solar, we have you covered. We offer a wide range of design, consulting and inspection services.


Accreditation and CPD short courses for your accreditation with Solar Accreditation Australia (SAA). Personal and company training with bespoke options.

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Technical Articles

GSES is a preferred knowledge network for the industries of renewable energy innovation and technology.

GSES communicates factual, up-to-date and evidence-based information for publication. This includes information on residential, commercial and utility scale solar design, renewable energy industry trends and relevant technologies.


Diagnostics for your solar portfolio

Diagno is an asset management platform that provides automated real-time performance monitoring of your solar assets. When it comes to solar panel maintenance, you can’t beat the peace of mind you get from knowing that everything is running smoothly—and that if it isn’t, someone is on top of it.

Diagno utilizes machine learning and AI to analyze how your solar assets are performing and our team of fully independent engineers will provide an on-going review of your portfolio’s health and offer recommendations for improvement when needed. Maximise your solar investment with Diagno.


Your on-demand, in-house engineering team.

Previously the GSES Design Team, Mindaro is a stand-alone company that delivers high quality and on-time design and engineering services for solar, batteries and EV charger systems.

Mindaro’s focus are projects in the Commercial and Industrial scale sector ranging from 30kW to megawatt scale work. Whether for single projects or multi-site rollouts, Mindaro provides full design packages with For Construction Drawings, Connection Applications, Bills of Materials and more to ensure your project runs smoothly.

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