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Residential Battery Inspectorate Program

We are pleased to announce that Global Sustainable Energy Solutions Pty Ltd (GSES) has been appointed as the official inspectorate for the Queensland Government’s Battery Booster Program. 

GSES is conducting free safety inspections on all of the battery storage systems installed throughout Queensland as part of the Battery Booster Program. These inspections are aimed at ensuring safe and compliant equipment and installation practices are being implemented. 

Established in 1998, GSES is a reputable renewable energy engineering and consultancy company with extensive experience in photovoltaic (PV) systems, batteries (BESS), and EV Chargers. With a strong focus on safety and compliance, GSES brings decades of local and global expertise to the inspection process. 

The Battery Booster program aims to inspect all installations under the program, across all of Queensland. This is a national leading approach and will ensure more than 3,000 compliant and safe home battery systems are installed. Inspections are expected to take place from May 2024 until mid-2025. Therefore, it may take some time until you are contacted to book your inspection. Please be assured that your system will be inspected. 

Homeowners who have enrolled in the Battery Booster Program can expect comprehensive inspections of their battery systems to assess safety, compliance with regulations, and adherence to industry best practices. These inspections are crucial for maintaining the integrity and reliability of battery systems installed under the program. 

How will the inspection process work? 

Step 1 – Installation complete and rebate finalised

Once your installation has been completed and your rebate claim finalised, GSES will contact you to schedule a time for the free inspection of your new Battery Storage system. You don’t need to do anything to start this process. 

GSES will ask you to confirm your details and details of the system. We will send you a text message confirming the booking before the inspection is to happen as a reminder. Please remember to keep any documentation given to you by the Installer handy on the day of the inspection. 

Should you require to reschedule your inspection, please contact GSES on 07 3185 5020. 

Step 2 – Inspection day

At least one adult needs to be home at the time of the inspection. Please ensure access to your battery and PV system, along with any documentation provided by your installer is available to our inspectors on the scheduled inspection date. 

The inspector will have an official ID card to identify themselves on the day of inspection. You will not be asked to provide payment for this service. 

If you have any pets, please ensure that they are secured. Inspectors will not enter the premises if it is not safe for them to do so.  

If during the inspection, the inspector considers there may be a safety risk to a person or the property due to the solar and/or battery storage installation, they must make the system safe immediately. They will inform all interested parties including the property owner and authorities.  

The Inspector will leave behind an information sheet with further steps for your information. Only if your system is deemed to be unsafe will you be informed of your inspection outcome on inspection day.  

Step 3 – Following an inspection

The Inspectorate will communicate the inspection outcome with your Approved Installer and request that any identified issues be rectified within a given timeframe. You may be contacted by your Approved Installer to organise a time for them to come back to the property to work on your Battery System.  

You should not be invoiced by your Approved Installer for any rectification work that is completed. 

Step 4 – Finalisation of the inspection outcome

Once all rectification work (if required) is complete you will receive a letter from the Inspectorate informing you of the outcome of the inspection.  

Full inspection reports may be provided upon request and where required for legal reasons. 

Why are we inspecting systems installed under the scheme?

We are inspecting all systems to make sure the installation and equipment conforms to:  

  • Applicable Australian Standards and industry guidelines as in force at the time the unit was installed.
  • Queensland Government requirements, and  
  • Queensland Electrical Safety Office requirements  

What do the inspectors inspect?

The Inspectors will access and inspect all aspects of your installed equipment including:  

  • Safety of the solar array and mounting 
  • Cabling and conduit work  
  • Solar inverter and switchboard/s
  • Battery storage equipment 
  • Battery storage inverter  
  • Battery system manual / documentation 

Our inspectors will examine and test the solar panels, battery systems and any wiring or equipment associated with the system. Photos are required as evidence of the inspection and will be taken before, during and after the inspection for state of system documentation purposes 

For more information about the Battery Booster Program, including eligibility criteria and program details, please visit the Queensland Government’s website: Battery Booster Program.

We are committed to ensuring the success of the Battery Booster Program and look forward to working with homeowners to enhance the safety and performance of their battery systems. 

Contact information

For additional support or enquiries, please reach out to: 

GSES Inspections team

Phone: 07 3185 5020



Homeowners And Occupiers

Why is this inspection being conducted?

Safety is the utmost priority of the Battery Booster Program. The Department of Energy and Climate and GSES aim to inspect all systems installed under the program to ensure that each and every system is compliant to Australian standards and has been installed safely. 

How does the inspection process work?
I have an installed battery system under the battery booster scheme but have not been contacted about an inspection, what do I do?

The inspection period for the battery booster program is expected to run from May 2024 until mid-2025.  Homeowners/ rebate recipients will only be contacted by us once your round of inspections is forthcoming. If your details or situation has changed since lodging your application/receiving your rebate, please email us at or give us a call on 07 3185 5020. 

What happens if my battery is installed at a rental property

Should the battery be installed at a rental property, it is the responsibility of the home owner to communicate the necessary information to the tenant to ensure the battery installation is accessible on the agreed upon inspection day.  

I have also been contacted by the Clean Energy Regulator (CER) for another inspection do I have to do both?

The Clean Energy Regulator (CER) and Battery Booster Programs have different scopes. The CER inspection program focuses on standard compliance for solar PV systems whilst the Battery Booster Program is focused on safety of the battery and the associated solar PV. We encourage you to complete both, however, should you only wish to complete one, CER inspections are voluntary whilst the battery safety inspection is a requirement to which you agreed when applying to the Battery Booster Rebate Program.

What are my rights?

You have the right to: 

  • Nominate a representative, such as a family member or friend, to be present for the inspection. 
  • Ask the inspectors to show you their identification cards. 
  • Call GSES on 07 3185 5020 to confirm the details of your inspector or email
  • You, or your representative, can observe the inspection from a safe distance while it is being carried out. 
  • Be informed of the nature and extent of any imminent safety risk to a person or property caused by the battery storage system. 
What powers does my inspector have?

The inspector has the power to:

  • Examine and test the battery, solar panels and any wiring or equipment associated with the system. 
  • Take photographs of anything relevant to the installation. 
  • Access your roof to conduct the inspection. 
  • Ask you questions related to the design, installation or use of the battery system 
How do I verify the identity of my inspector on inspection day?

Your inspector will have a GSES issued identification card that can be produced upon request. You can also call us on (07) 3185 5020 and we will verify your inspection appointment. 

Will I be advised of the inspection outcome?

Upon the completion of your inspection, your inspector will leave behind a ‘What happens next?’ information sheet, outlining the remainder of the inspection process.  

From here, your inspection outcomes will be collated into a report which is sent to your installer, detailing the need for any rectification work. Your installer has been instructed to contact you to organise the completion of rectification work. Once all rectification work (if required) is complete you will be contacted by GSES to inform you of the outcome of the inspection. Full inspection reports may be provided upon request and where required for legal reasons. 

You will only be immediately notified of the outcome if the system is deemed to be unsafe. 

What happens if my system is unsafe?

Your system will be made safe on the inspection day and all immediate dangers will be removed. Your inspector will verbally notify you during the inspection. The system installer, the Department of Energy and Climate and Electrical Safety Office (ESO) will be notified within 24hrs. It is the responsibility of the installer to rectify any issues to the system caused by poor installation.  

You can also contact your state or territory regulator for consumer protection. However, we recommend you wait until after you have received the final report as it includes the inspection results and installer/agent formal response.

Who fixes the issues you found?

Your installer is notified by GSES of the outcome of your battery safety inspection. Should rectification work be required, it is the installer’s responsibility to adequately complete the work at no cost to you. We recommend keeping record of all communications with the installer and with the inspectorate if a dispute is required. The bodies that can assist you with disputes are the Queensland Ombudsman and the Queensland Electric Safety Officer. 

My installer has gone out of business what do I do?

If you have any issues with communications with the installer of your battery system, please contact the Queensland Battery Booster team directly. You can check businesses that have been removed from the QLD Battery Booster program here ( 

Will I be charged for the inspection?

The battery booster inspection program is funded by the Department of Energy and Climate/QLD Government and all inspections are conducted at no cost to the homeowner. It is the responsibility of the battery system installer to have installed a safe and compliant system under this program. Therefore, should there be rectification work required on the battery system, it is done so at the expense of the system installer. At no point throughout the inspection process will you be asked by us to pay for the service.  

When do I get my rebate?

GSES is the appointed inspectorate for this program only. The rebates are the prerogative of the Queensland Government and are not under GSES’ control. Please see relevant QLD government material for more information.   

Can I sign up for the program?

All program application information is through the Queensland Government Website. The program is due to close for new applications on the 8th of May 2024. 

Agents And Installers

What are the inspectors looking for?

The inspectors are checking installations for safety, compliance, and industry best practices. The main goals of the inspections are to ensure that systems are safe and to uplift the industry by promoting best practices systems.  

The Battery Booster Program Installer Guide lays out the main standard clauses and best practices that the inspectors will be checking for. Access the Installer Guide here: 

How long after the installation will the inspection happen?

The inspection period for the battery booster program is expected to run from May 2024 until mid-2025. Reports with the inspection outcome will be sent to the installer around a month after the inspection is conducted. 

What do I do once I receive an inspection report?

The inspection report will outline all the items that require rectification. Installers under the Battery Booster program are required to return to site and rectify any issues found with the system. The installer then must email GSES with photographic evidence of the rectifications done. GSES will also accept documentation that justifies installation practices in certain cases. 

I disagree with the inspection outcome, what can I do?

Please reply to our email with justification on your installation methods. We recommend attaching standard clauses, manufacturer’s documentation, or industry reputable communication that justifies your decisions. A dispute process is available, all information is in the report sent to you. 

Can I charge the homeowner for rectification

No, it is your responsibility to rectify systems which are not compliant with Australian standards and regulations. You have agreed to this when you signed up to be an accredited installer for the Battery Booster program.

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