Battery Booster Inspectorate Program

Residential Battery Inspectorate Program

All battery installations in Australia are subject to the requirements outlined in the Australian and New Zealand Standards. Including but not limited to:

AS/NZS 5139:2019 – Electrical Installations – Safety of battery systems for use with power conversion equipment
AS/NZS 3000:2018 – Electricall Installations – Wiring rules
AS/NZS 4777 – Grid connection of energy systems via inverters
AS/NZS 3008 – Electrical Installations – Selection of cables

For help understanding these standards, the Clean Energy Council has a number of guidelines or installation best practice documents that break down the standards and present them in a more easy to understand fashion. Approved installers of this program and licensed electricians are expected to be well versed and well experienced in the requirements of Australian standards.

For the purposes of the Battery Booster Program the guide below has been developed to aid installers in maintaining a high level of installation quality across the program. As the inspections take place, GSES will use our website to share the most commonly found and notable non-compliances with the installers to help uplift the renewable energy industry. A list of articles can be found

Contact information

For additional support or enquiries, please reach out to: 

GSES Inspections team

Phone: 07 3185 5020



Agents And Installers

What are the inspectors looking for?

The inspectors are checking installations for safety, compliance, and industry best practices. The main goals of the inspections are to ensure that systems are safe and to uplift the industry by promoting best practices systems.  

The Battery Booster Program Installer Guide lays out the main standard clauses and best practices that the inspectors will be checking for. Access the Installer Guide here: 

How long after the installation will the inspection happen?

The inspection period for the battery booster program is expected to run from May 2024 until mid-2025. Reports with the inspection outcome will be sent to the installer around a month after the inspection is conducted. 

What do I do once I receive an inspection report?

The inspection report will outline all the items that require rectification. Installers under the Battery Booster program are required to return to site and rectify any issues found with the system. The installer then must email GSES with photographic evidence of the rectifications done. GSES will also accept documentation that justifies installation practices in certain cases. 

I disagree with the inspection outcome, what can I do?

Please reply to our email with justification on your installation methods. We recommend attaching standard clauses, manufacturer’s documentation, or industry reputable communication that justifies your decisions. A dispute process is available, all information is in the report sent to you. 

Can I charge the homeowner for rectification

No, it is your responsibility to rectify systems which are not compliant with Australian standards and regulations. You have agreed to this when you signed up to be an accredited installer for the Battery Booster program.

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