Battery Booster Inspectorate Program

Renewable Energy Owners Engineer

GSES identify and assess possible renewable energy and energy efficiency solutions for its clients.  GSES estimates project costs and benefits using a triple bottom line approach. GSES will identify, consult with and analyse requirements imposed by all relevant authorities.  GSES will also liaise with all project stakeholders to identify required project outcomes.  Through this process, GSES is able to make the best project recommendations for its clients.

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Who For?

These services are provided to those seeking to understand if they should invest in a renewable energy system or energy efficiency technology or behavior. GSES will identify and quantify solutions and provide recommendations which yield the best results. These services have been used by:

  • Local Government
  • NGOs
  • Property developers
  • Universities
  • Utility project developers


GSES collects and aggregates the most accurate information available. Greenfield sites are assessed for usable land area, available resource,  existing utility infrastructure,  applicable regulatory requirements, etc.; whilst developed sites are assessed based on their demand profile, occupant behaviour, resource usage, energy efficiency, etc.  GSES employs various assessment technology and software packages in order to gather all necessary information needed to recommend the best solution for our clients.

What Are The Outcomes?

Following the inspection process, a report identifying the following is produced:

  • Properties from your portfolio suited to photovoltaics (solar panels), solar hot water, wind energy, or energy efficiency measures
  • Most suitable RE systems for your high potential properties
  • Energy efficiency measures applicable to these properties at low or negative cost

For each of the high potential properties an individual report will be developed to include:

  • Detailed options of systems suitable for installation tailored to each individual site
  • Estimates on energy yield, cost and return on investment for each system option
  • Examples of location and layout for proposed systems
  • A bill of materials for system design suitable for inclusion in RFTs

Follow-Up Services

GSES also offers additional services including:

  • Commercial Review of tenders and quotes
  • Inspection of installed RE systems
  • Compliance Assessment according to tender requirements, Australian standards, and relevant regulations


GSES provides Request for Tender (RFT) document development and Tender Evaluation services. GSES ensures that the RFT process is comprehensive, competitive and yields the best results for our clients.

Request For Tender (RFT)

GSES provides Request for Tender services on behalf of project developers in order to ensure a fair, competitive contractor selection process.  GSES will manage the whole RFT process including its release to tender registries and other promotional channels, oversight of the Tender portal and management of documentation, addendum, and the question and answer forum. GSES uses a highly granular tender evaluation matrix tailored to the specific needs of the project and the project developer in order to weigh and rank submitted tenders in a quantitative and transparent way.

Construction Management

We represent the owner/lender interest during the project construction phase in order to provide quality assurance, variation approvals & program management.

Representing Your Interests

GSES provides a range of Construction Management services that represent the interests of project developers and financiers.  These services include managing the build program using construction phases and verification/validation gates, document review and reference mapping, organising test events at construction hold points, review of variation claims as well as ongoing program risk mitigation and quality assurance checks.

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