We create sustainable change through quality education, engineering, communication and leadership.


GSES® leads Australia in renewable energy engineering, training and consultancy. We specialise in photovoltaic design, solar training, publications and PV system audits.

Established in 1998, GSES has a diverse portfolio, executing projects in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Africa and the Pacific Islands for both government and private enterprise regarding Renewable Energy engineering, consultancy, design, audit and education.


We champion the vision to create sustainable change through quality education, engineering, communication and leadership.


Our expertise covers both on grid and off grid renewable energy resources and the commercial aspects of Renewable Energy technology systems and power supplies.

Global Sustainable Energy Solutions (GSES) is Australia’s leading education and training provider in the Renewable Energy Innovation and Technology Sector.


As specialists in Photovoltaics (PV) and renewable energy engineering, we are dedicated to:

  • Leading and providing superior education and Solar PV training for Australia’s renewable energy workforce through accessible learning and ongoing support programs
  • Setting training standards that comply with local and international frameworks to ensure our workforce is among the world’s best in designing and installing clean energy technology
  • Supporting the growth and development of the renewable energy industry both within Australia and developing countries to increase global sustainability of our environmental resources
  • Maintaining our position as the preferred knowledge network for industry and commerce in renewable energy innovation & technology by always communicating  factual, up-to-date and evidence-based teachings and publications



GSES is pleased to support the One Child One Light program in their quest to help provide school children with a study light that is safe, clean, bright, eco friendly and efficient, giving them an opportunity to transform their lives.

GSES supports the Bicycles for Humanity program and is proud to be one of the many passionate people/companies making this practical and transparent project a reality for many individuals throughout Africa.


Each year countless numbers of Greyhounds retire from their racing career. Through the work of various state-based Greyhound Adoption Programs and foster carers these wonderful, gentle and loving dogs are re-trained to adapt to life as a family pet. GSES regularly houses foster dogs to aid in their transition into family life.


For over 30 years, Elouera Boardriders Club has been a major part of Cronulla, and it has come to grow into a fantastic and vibrant community.  Our very own Geoff Stapleton (Director – GSES) was one of the original members at EBC back in 1980 and has a love for surfing that developed as a young boy. Geoff is very proud to have been associated with EBC for many years and GSES became a sponsor 2 years ago.


The Smith Family is an Australian, independent non-profit children’s charity whose goal is to create opportunities for disadvantaged children and their families and encourage them to participate more fully in society, using education as the a key tool. GSES have donated to the Smith Family as part of office fundraising activities.

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