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GSES is a renewable energy engineering, training and consultancy company specialising in photovoltaic solar design, online and face-to-face solar training, publishing solar books and PV system audits. GSES leads Australia in education and training in the Renewable Energy Innovation and Technology Sector.

We actively partner with government, private enterprise and local communities on a global scale in facilitating the growth and development of the renewable energy industry through education, training, engineering, consulting and publications.



 RET Solar Inspections

Information about the Clean Energy Regulator solar inspections for homeowners, installers and agents. 


Upcoming Grid Connect Photovoltaic Systems Practical Training

22–24 October 2014
3–5 December 2014
21–23 January 2015
25–27 February 2015
8–10 April 2015

Call 1300 265 525 for more information

The Grid-Connected PV Systems with Battery Storage online course and comprehensive training manual are now on sale!

Visit the GSES Online Shop to purchase either the course or the book.





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