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What We Do

      • Consulting
      • Due to the long industry experience offered by GSES’ principal directors, GSES has been sought after to provide consultancy services to the Australian Federal and State gov, international governments, NGOs and private enterprise.


      • Training
      • GSES offers solar training and renewable energy courses to cater to a broad range of students. We specialise in Grid Connected Solar Training, we have recently launched our a Battery Storage course.


      • Publications
      • GSES offers a range of benchmark publications and books for the Renewable Energy Industry. Our books cover everything from SAPS design and installation to how to set up a solar business and sell solar power. 


Our Vision

      • Leading and providing superior education and Solar PV training for Australia’s renewable energy workforce through accessible learning and ongoing support programs.

      • Setting training standards that comply with local and international frameworks to ensure our workforce is among the world’s best in designing and installing clean energy technology.

      • Supporting the growth and development of the renewable energy industry both within Australia and developing countries to increase global sustainability of our environmental resources.

      • Maintaining our position as the preferred knowledge network for industry and commerce in renewable energy innovation & technology by always communicating  factual, up-to-date and evidence-based teachings and publications.

In doing so, we champion the vision to create sustainable change through quality education, engineering, communication and leadership.

Why Choose GSES

      • Expertise
      • Headed by Geoff Stapleton and Susan Neill, both leaders in the Renewable Energy Industry, the GSES team provides expert consulting services to governments and private enterprise.


      • Nationally Recognised
      • As an Australian RTO, GSES develops and conducts all training courses to nationally recognised competancy standards. Course trainers are tertiary qualified and hold a Certificate IV in training and Assessment. 


      • Services
      • GSES offers many services including System Design, System Audit and Compliance methodologies to both government and private enterprises. Each service is performed to the highest standard by the members of our experienced team. 


What Our Clients Say

      • "I must say this training course was excellent, allowing me to proceed at my pace as time allowed. Being self employed, time is always premium, so flexibility in this course has been a major benefit to me. The feedback from the markers &/or tutors in each chapter of the course has been supportive prompt. 

        The information session designed to assist in completing this same course was practical in its approach to what is essentially very much a theoryoriented subject. This course allowed me to ask questions & listen to other students in the same course comment & inquire also. This course has been thorough in its approach, leaving no doubt about the level of understanding needed to safely & efficiently design & install Grid Connect Solar Power Systems."

        G.B, regarding GSES on-line theory course.

      • "As a new boy on the block  you have given me solid affirmation on what I need to know, polish up, learn and do to underpin where I want to go in the industry – best practice mode, once again thank you for a great 3 days."
        A.N, regarding GSES practical training sessions.

      • "Really enjoyed the challenge of this course. Thanks!"
        Past student, regarding the Design Task.

RET Solar Inspections

      • map for website 01

      • GSES is currently undertaking solar inspections across Australia on behalf of the Clean Energy Regulator. The Renewable Energy Electricity Act 2000 requires inspections on a random selection of solar installations that received Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs) to ensure they comply with Australian Standards and Industry Regulations. The Clean Energy Regulator is the Government body responsible for this.

        The Clean Energy Regulator administers an inspections program for installations of small-scale solar panels, wind and hydro systems that have had renewable energy certificates (RECs) or small-scale technology certificates (STCs) created against them. The Clean Energy Regulator is selecting systems for inspection at random from installations registered in the REC registry. The Office of the Renewable Energy Regulator (ORER) formerly administered the inspections program and was amalgamated into the Clean Energy Regulator on 2 April 2012.

      • cer flowchart v2 LOW

      • As an inspection company, GSES is responsible for arranging and completing the inspections, enabling the installers and agents reasonable opportunity for comment, then submitting the final data and comments to the Clean Energy Regulator who generate and send the final report. State and Territory Government regulators are responsible for enforcing safety standards and regulating consumer protection.

        GSES' role in the RET solar inspections is demonstrated in the process chart to the left. For more general information about the scheme please see the Clean Energy Regulator Inspections page, or click here for frequently asked questions. 

        Click here to read more.

Upcoming Practical Training Dates