Solar Sales Essentials


Online Short Course

Designed for sales people transitioning their career into the solar sector, Solar Sales Essentials is the first step. While many other industries may fluctuate in reliability, solar power is a growth industry world-wide. This 2-hour course is globally focused, and limited to rooftop residential and commercial solar applications. Fast-track your new career with essential knowledge of solar systems and equipment, site assessment, energy efficiency, customer interaction, lead generation, quotes and software applications covered.

This course is aimed at a wider audience, to encompass:
  1. Those who have a sales background but no previous experience in solar, which is why we include an overview of solar resource and the main components of a PV system
  2. Those who have some solar experience (e.g. have completed the Grid-Connected PV Systems course) but no previous experience in sales or business skills.

It addresses fundamental sales and business skills, in addition to a key industry issue in some installers having poor customer service skills.

This course does not include detailed design of PV or Battery Systems. Recommended following courses are our Solar Power System Fundamentals and Solar Battery System Fundamentals.

This course is eligible for 30 core CPD points with the Clean Energy Council (CEC), valid until 15 March 2023, and 2 hours professional development with Engineers Australia.

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Important Enrolment Information

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It is assumed that students have some prior sales experience but this is not mandatory. No prior solar experience is required.

Course Outline

This interactive online short course provides a structured approach to understanding what is involved for a salesperson in the solar industry. The course presents information on the following areas:

  • The solar resource;
  • Components of a PV system, including PV modules, grid-connected inverters and BOS equipment;
  • Site assessment;
  • Energy efficiency;
  • Economics and yield of a PV system;
  • Lead generation and customers; and
  • Essential concepts and software.
Training Outcome

Students can download a GSES certificate of completion stating they have completed the Solar Sales Essentials course.

This course is eligible for 30 core CPD points with the Clean Energy Council (CEC), valid until 15 March 2023, and 2 hours professional development with Engineers Australia.

Materials and Equipment

A computer, laptop, tablet, or phone with reliable internet access is required.

Delivery Method and Duration

Delivery Method
Delivery is online comprising video content, theory and short quizzes at the end of each topic. Tutor support is available if required.

This online course is self-paced. We estimate it may take approximately 2 hours to complete, however this can vary. Course access is valid for 12 months.

Cancellation and Refunds

A full refund is available within 14 days of purchase, on the condition that the student/s have not yet logged into the student portal. Due to the online nature of the course, no refunds are possible once the course has been accessed on the student portal.

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