A Practical Guide to PV Efficiency

At the end of June 2016, the world record for efficiency of rooftop solar modules was broken again: the US-based PV manufacturing company SunPower achieved an efficiency of 24.1% for a monocrystalline silicon-based PV panel, over 2% higher than the previous record. This news came shortly after the announcement earlier in the month of Hanwha […]

GSES at Australian Energy Storage Exhibition

GSES participated at the Australian Energy Storage Alliance’s Conference held at the Australia Technology Park, on 1-2 June 2016. GSES’ booth attracted much attention, especially the “Grid Connected PV with Batteries” training developed and delivered by GSES. GSES provides the training pathway to the Clean Energy Council’s “Grid Connected Energy Systems with Battery Storage” endorsement. […]

GSES and Sydney Rides Challenge

GSES has signed up to the Sydney Rides Challenge. We are aiming to have all our staff participate in the challenge by getting everyone to ride a bike for at least ten minutes between the 26th of September and the 16th of October, even those who don’t own a bike! Join our team if you […]

New Training Facility

GSES has opened its new Sydney training rooms for the first time. The new training rooms are in the same complex as GSES’ Sydney Head Office and provide more space for Theory Nights and group training sessions, which can be tailored to suit your organisation’s training needs. As well as providing additional space, the new […]

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