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GSES at Australian Energy Storage Exhibition

GSES participated at the Australian Energy Storage Alliance’s Conference held at the Australia Technology Park, on 1-2 June 2016. GSES’ booth attracted much attention, especially the “Grid Connected PV with Batteries” training developed and delivered by GSES.

GSES provides the training pathway to the Clean Energy Council’s “Grid Connected Energy Systems with Battery Storage” endorsement. This endorsement, which is attached to the CEC Designer/Installer Accreditation, is critical knowledge and practical experience for the industry and is being viewed as a minimum market participation requirement by many Distribution Networks and Insurance Agencies. GSES was able to distribute the Clean Energy Council’s new Grid Connect Battery Storage (GCBS) industry guidelines, which have been developed to support the industry through the rapid development of this market segment. From October 1st 2016, these guidelines will become mandatory and will provide the minimum requirements for GCBS for this industry.

GSES supported the Australian Energy Storage Alliance by presenting several workshops over the 2 days.

These workshops included:
• Energy Storage Standards and Safety Mechanisms
• Energy Storage Customer Drivers and System Configurations
• Energy Storage Design Overview
• Energy Storage Market Overview
• Review of Energy Storage Control Systems
• The Good, The Bad and The Ugly: The Energy Storage Edition (a positive industry outlook)

GSES noted the broad cross-section of industry participation at this event including some of the largest brands in the world as well as some truly disruptive, entrepreneurial Aussie technology. The conference appeared to have doubled in size compared to the event last year and, if the analysists’ predictions for the GCBS market are correct, this figure will only increase. GSES looks forward to contributing its passion and expertise to this growing market space as it evolves.

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