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Free solar course! Solar Awareness for Tradespeople

Tradie on a ladder cleaning a cutter, working near a solar system

New South Wales Tradie Safety Week is August 23rd-27th 2021! To celebrate, we are announcing our free solar course for tradies!

Solar Awareness for Tradespeople focuses on working safely near solar PV systems. With so many homes and business across Australia with solar, every tradesperson will encounter a system. Even if the worker is not performing invasive work near a system, they can still benefit from this training. For “invasive” repairs near solar, the system might need to be decommissioned, switched off or removed.

This 2 hour free solar course is for tradespeople with little to no solar experience, and is recommended for new worker and site inductions.

Students learn how to identify hazards and work safely on sites with a solar power system.  In addition, they may recognise unsafe or non compliant solar systems on the job site.  Workers can then escalate a potential issue and request a solar inspection.

The course covers:

  • Introduction to Solar Safety
  • Solar modules and inverters
  • Protection devices;
  • Cables and earthing;
  • PV signage & Labels
  • Energy storage systems.

For more in-depth reading material on safety around installed solar power, students can also download a PDF copy of the 47-page Solar Awareness for Tradespeople informational report.

What happens after I complete the free solar course?

You will receive a certificate of completion, which can be used for site inductions, and safety records. If you want to pursue a career in solar design or installation, please read our article on CEC Accreditation or browse our accreditation courses.

What is Tradie Safety Week?

Tradie Safety Week campaign aims to raise awareness of the biggest health risks and harms impacting building and construction workers. It’s being run as part of National Tradies Health month. Safe Work NSW is running free, online Tradie Safety Week workshops all week. Attendees will receive a virtual showbag full of useful resources, and may also be eligible for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points and small business rebate packages.

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