Localised networks and demand side participation

The National Electricity Market (NEM) has been traditionally set up as a two sided market which allows for participation from the Supply Side and the Demand Side. With the rapid and continuous uptake of distributed generation and storage, the terminology and regulatory framework surrounding the “two sided” approach will have to change significantly. This article […]

Power Factor and Grid-Connected PV

As the level of Grid-Connected PV penetration continues to rise, the importance of power factor and power factor correction is going to become increasingly relevant both from the perspective of the grid and the customer. This article explains what power factor is, what it is caused by, its impact on the grid, and how GridConnected […]

Grid Energy Storage

The grid energy storage market is buzzing and many new technologies are being thrust from the research and development realm into the commercial space. The question of which technology is going to be the big winner for the energy storage revolution is a discussion mired in speculation and clouded with preconceptions. However, it may just […]

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