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PV System Design: How to compete effectively in the wider market place

Commercial-scale PV systems present enormous opportunities for our industry. However, the requirements to source and verify a range of site-specific data over a large site is challenging. To then ensure this data correctly forms part of all aspects of the system’s performance and installation requirements can be complicated and unfamiliar to some system designers and installers.

Possible scenarios: How to ensure the correct cable distances and gauges have been calculated; the site requires zero PV export or additional grid protection – what products support this and how are they programmed; how to avoid confronting the need for unplanned additional work on-site; is the Bill of Materials for this installation comprehensive – are there sufficient materials to complete the installation? Clients often request financial data for the proposed installation: IRR, LCOE – as system designers, these calculations must be able to be justified by the system design and performance data. The prospect of engaging in quotations for larger installations is daunting – do you have the skill set to meet the market?

Featured: Electrical Connection, NECA

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