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New GSES online course on solar fundamentals

GSES has released an exciting new online training course for non-specialists to learn about solar electricity generation, entitled Solar Power Systems: System Technology, Understanding and Safety. The course, available now from the GSES shop for $295 inc. GST (LESS 20% LAUNCH DISCOUNT until 31 December 2014), addresses the growing need for education among businesses, councils and the general public as renewable energy systems penetrate the market. Through detailed and easy-to-follow sequential topics, the course covers essential knowledge on solar system technology, design, maintenance and safety.

The solar power revolution is well underway in Australia, and the industry continues to grow despite the current government’s relentless attacks. Renewable energy also remains a hot topic in the media, but with confusing messages being passed on from both sides, consumers can find themselves under-informed or confused by technical jargon when looking to purchase a solar system.

The Solar Power System Fundamentals course from GSES breaks through the confusion and provides detailed information about solar energy generation in a clear and understandable manner. For those looking to invest, it describes the various commonly used technologies, explains how professionals design systems correctly for each specific site, and provides guidance on choosing a retail company. For those who have purchased a system, the course details essential maintenance and safety best practices and gives information about optional battery storage.

The course is also relevant for anyone who may encounter a solar power system in their daily work, including emergency workers, tradespeople and council employees, and for those who would benefit from greater knowledge of this technology and its future, such as financial advisers and university students.


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