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New article on storage

GSES recently released an article about energy storage options. A sample of this is provided here; to read the full article, visit the GSES Resources and Information page.

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Grid Energy Storage

The grid energy storage market is buzzing, and many new technologies are being thrust from the research and development realm into the commercial space. The question of which technology is going to be the big winner for the energy storage revolution is a discussion mired in speculation and clouded with preconceptions. However, it may just be possible to make some educated guesses if we read the market road signs and consider each technology independently.

This article discusses storage technologies that are being developed and their applications, explains why momentum is building for storage technologies in the market, and attempts to make some predictions about which of these technologies might affect the residential and commercial energy markets in the short term.

Valve-regulated Lead-acid (VRLA) Batteries

Unlike flooded lead-acid batteries, valve-regulated lead-acid (VRLA) batteries generally do not need to have their electrolyte refilled as it is suspended in a medium and the batteries themselves are sealed. Absorbed Glass Matt (AGM), Gel and new types of lead-based batteries, such as the Ultrabattery by Ecoult, are examples of VRLA batteries. VRLA batteries are a mature technology, having been used in the telecommunications industry and rural stand-alone systems for decades. Their well-established position and low maintenance costs have made them the preferred choice for grid energy storage at all levels.

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