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Configuring Battery Storage Products – Comparing Apples and Oranges?

The renewables market is currently being flooded with energy storage products to meet the increasing demand and hype for this technology. All of these products present a similar, well-scripted value proposition and all offer to deliver similar functionality.

As a result, this rapid rush to market of these products and their advertising has created the impression that these products could be interchangeable. However, are these products really so similar that the industry can pick and choose from all these solutions to meet the range of deliverables required by the buying public?

GSES has investigated a range of currently available battery storage solutions and identified six possible configurations. The choice of configuration is impacted by the customer’s requirements, equipment functionality, the purpose of the system, and the presence of an existing PV system, amongst many other factors.

Featured: Circuit Magazine (July 2016 – p.18-19), AESA

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