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Your Guide to CPD Points and Maintaining your SAA Accreditation

Solar installer CEC accreditation

If you are an accredited solar designer or installer, or aspiring to be one, you may have heard of CPD points. This article will run you through what CPD points are, and how you can earn them to ensure you maintain your solar accreditation.

What are CPD points?

The Continuous Professional Development (CPD) programme has been put in place by Solar Accreditation Australia to improve the overall standard of work in the solar and battery industry. It ensures that solar designers and installers are up to date with industry changes, aware of new technology, and informed about updates to industry standards.

If you are an accredited installer or designer, your accreditation must be renewed annually. 

To renew your accreditation, you must earn 100 CPD points every year. CPD points can be earned by completing eligible training courses throughout the year. 

The CPD training courses are split into two categories: Core(worth 20 points) and Elective(worth 10 points) . Of the 100 CPD points you need to earn annually, at least 60 CPD points must be obtained from the Core training courses. The remaining 40 points can be earned from either category. This means you will need at least 3 core courses a year.

The SAA publishes a full list of eligible CPD training courses and indicates whether they are Core or Elective courses.

How to earn CPD points

Although it may seem daunting to acquire 100 points every year, there are many ways to earn CPD points, many of which are free. This includes completing online short-courses, registering for industry webinars, or attending in-person training and workshops. Examples of in-person training includes manufacturer roadshows or masterclasses at annual solar conferences such as the Smart Energy Conference and Energy Next.

CEC Solar Master Class held at the Energy Next Conference 2023

If you are looking for a more flexible option, GSES offers an extensive range of online short courses, most of which will earn you 20 Core CPD points upon completion. All of our courses are online and self-paced, giving you the flexibility to complete them in your own time. Each course is designed to help you upskill, build your knowledge base, and inform you about essential industry updates.

Some of our most popular and recent courses include Fault Current Analysis for Commercial Solar, AS/NZS 5033:2021 Updates and Introduction to Microgrids. These courses take approximately 3 hours to complete, and you will have access to them for 12 months.

Be sure to check out our full list of short courses here.

GSES also regularly presents at industry events, such as CEC masterclasses run at Energy Next and annual Solar Cutters Roadshows. These in-person events can earn you up to 60 CPD points, and many are free to attend. Be sure to subscribe to our monthly newsletter to remain informed about our upcoming events.

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