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GSES communicates factual, up-to-date and evidence-based information for publication. This includes information on the issues surrounding DC circuit breakers, earthing fundamentals, how to sell solar, and information on isolator enclosures.

Solar Sales course available through TAFE/RTO system

GSES, together with Northern Sydney Institute, has developed a course for the NSW Department of Education and Communities(DEC) State Training Services entitled Solar Sales: Retail Sales Skills to Promote Solar Energy Products. This training package is part of a Cert II in Retail Services and helps companies promoting solar give their sales staff enough understanding of the technology that they sell to ensure that appropriate systems are provided for each location.

This course is provided as an online learning resource through Moodle, and is supported by various videos and text resources. TAFEs and RTOs can find information on this course via the SkillsOnline website.

GSES will offer an industry-based online Solar Sales training course as well.

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