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GSES in Brisbane! Grid Connect Solar and Battery Storage: Training Course delivery in Brisbane

GSES recently completed a purpose-built trailer to deliver the practical training components for:

GSES has joined forces with Master Electricians Association and Careers Australia to deliver this training in Queensland.  How then to provide the best working examples of these two system types for electricians to work on?

GSES had a purpose built trailer fitted out with the equivalent of two working systems for grid connect solar and grid connect solar with battery storage.  The trailer has been fitted out with both these working systems as well as additional components that must be used repetitively by the students as part of their practical training and assessment.

In Brisbane last week (25-27 May), the first of these Brisbane-based training courses was held in Bowen Hills.

The GSES trailer, has been equipped to be able to demonstrate both standard Grid Connected PV systems as well as AC coupled and DC coupled Grid Connected PV systems with battery storage. The trailer has been equipped with lithium ion and lead acid gel batteries, grid-connect and multimode inverters, switchgear, PV module system, ballasted system and clip-type roof mounting systems, etc.

Now that the GSES Trailer is temporarily based in Brisbane, these courses are regularly offered for the next 6 months. In early 2017, GSES will announce the expansion of our Grid Connected PV and Grid Connected PV with Batteries mobile practical training sessions to other locations around Australia.

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