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EV Charger Infrastructure and Procurement Guide

GSES has partnered with Prodia Partners, a leading environmental, social and governance (ESG) advisory to create the free EV charging infrastructure and procurement guide to assist organisations and communities in navigating EV charging infrastructure.

The EV charging infrastructure and procurement guide is a free document aimed at helping organisations procure charging infrastructure in a simplified, scalable, and cost-effective manner. This guide is intended for anyone involved in the decision-making process of procuring EV charging facilities, or individuals that own or operate existing charging facilities and want to understand how to optimise or increase a site’s electrical capacity.

We recommend this guide to councils, owners or operators of apartment complexes, shopping centres and offices, fleet owners, and anyone interested in learning more about EV supply equipment.

While this document contains valuable information about procuring EV charging infrastructure, it is important to acknowledge that designing and installing appropriate EV charging stations is a process with many custom nuances and considerations. In addition to referring to this guide, we recommend that readers contact a qualified professional to substantiate the specific upgrade activities for their site and charging needs.

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