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Work Recommences on Draft Battery Storage Units

The hiatus in development of the draft Units of Competency UEERE4002A – Install, Maintain and Fault Find Battery Storage Systems for Grid Connected Photovoltaic Systems, and UEERE5001A – Design Battery Storage Systems for Grid Connected Photovoltaic Systems as a result of reforms in the Vocational Education and Training sector is finally over.
The reform saw the creation of the Australian Industry and Skills Committee (AISC) to oversee the development of training packages, where training contents are developed by relevant Industry Reference Committees (IRCs) with the support of Skills Services Organisations (SSOs)
As the dust settles on the reforms, work has again commenced on the finalisation of these two draft Units.
Australian Industry Standards, the SSO assigned to assist the Electrotechnology Industry Reference Committee in developing these two Units of Competency, has released an update on the progress of this project. The two draft units are expected to be submitted to the AISC for endorsement by 30th November 2016.
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