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Transition period ending for compliance to AS/NZS 4777.2:2015

The transition period for AS/NZS 4777.2: 2015 Grid connection of energy systems via inverters Part 2: Inverter requirements will end on the 10th October 2016, only 3 months away.
The majority of inverters currently on the CEC approved product list currently expires on 9th October 2016. They will be removed from the list if manufacturers choose to not re-certify and re-list their products. It is important that you check with inverter manufacturer on whether they intend to re-certify their inverters to AS/NZS 4777.2: 2015 if they have not already done so.
To see whether the inverters you are currently using have been already been re-certified to meet AS/NZS 4777.2:2015, click here.

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