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GSES Releases New eBook Publication: Solar Water Pumping Guide

publication covers 2016-07

Global Sustainable Energy Solutions Pty Ltd (GSES) announces the release of their first eBook publication: the Solar Water Pumping Guide. This comprehensive resource has been released to include the industry’s progression to the current revised industry best practices, system design and product criteria.

Susan Neill, GSES Director, commented: “The need for reliable water supplies in remote areas has never been greater. The worldwide reduction in solar module pricing has meant that solar water pumping is now affordable on a much wider scale. This publication is a valuable guide for the design and installation practices for solar water pumping systems”.

This e-Book comes in PDF format*, easily transportable and full of illustrations, this guide contains everything that is needed to know about solar water pumping, from the technology background to the design, installation and maintenance of these systems. This publication also includes extensive examples for differing solar pumping systems, demonstrating contemporary and relatable scenarios.

Hardcopies of this publication may be available upon request.

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