Amaroo School ACT Owners Engineer Inspection


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Amaroo School ACT Owners Engineer Inspection

Project Details

Service: Owners Engineer compliance inspection
Client: Vivo Power
Date: 2016
Location: Amaroo School, ACT
Peak Capacity: 559.85 kWp Grid connected

About this Project

GSES was contracted by Vivo Power to perform a quality assurance and standards compliance inspection of the ~600kW PV system at the Amaroo School. GSES inspected all system components and installation methods against Clean Energy Council guidelines, Australian Standards, State/Territory Rules and Distribution Network Service Provider (DNSP) regulations. The inspection also included a review of the as-built system against the final design drawings and the initial contract technical specification. As part of the inspection GSES performed infrared imaging of a statistically significant portion of the array as well as all circuit protection and isolation points.

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