7.5 MW Tracking Microgrid with Experimental Testing Sub-Array


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7.5MW Tracking Microgrid with Experimental Testing Sub-Array

Site Overview

Project Details

Service: Design
Date: 2019-2020
Location: Waurn Ponds, Vic
Installation Type: Ground-mount. Single-axis tracking array, with smaller sub-array containing a combination of fixed-tilt and single-axis tracking for experimental testing.
Array Capacity: Main array: 7500kWp (combination 370W and 375W modules). Experimental sub-array: 60kWp each of single-axis tracking, fixed frame, fixed bifacial, and fixed frameless module (370W modules).
AC Capacity: Main array: 7500kWp (3x 2500kVA central inverters). Experimental sub-array: 240 kVA (4x 60kVA string inverters).
Battery Capacity: 2MW/1MWh, split over two self-contained battery containers. Design allows for future expansion to 6MW/3MWh.

What made this project interesting?

The design for this project was highly detailed, and involved a significant level of coordination with the end-client, installers, and other engineering subcontractors. In terms of system characteristics, the most interesting aspect of this project was the experimental testing sub-array, which contains one 60kW inverter worth of single-axis tracking, fixed frame, fixed bifacial, and fixed frameless modules. Each 60kWp section of this sub-array is connected to its own 60kVA string inverter, and the performance of each system will be compared for demonstration purposes. Finally, due to the significant number of cables installed in trenches for the site, thermal deratings needed to be thoroughly considered during design. In this case, a thermal analysis software was used to create detailed models of trench cross-sections, and confirm that selected cable sizes were adequate for required loads

Key Learnings

Project management for utility-scale PV/battery systems. 

Effects of thermal derating on current carrying capacities, and detailed modelling methods for trenching cross-sections. 

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