100 kW Carport PV Array


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100kW Carport PV Array

Site Overview

Project Details

Service: Design
Date: 2020
Location: Wodonga, VIC
Installation Type: Ground-mounted, fixed-tilt array
Array Capacity: 108.24kWp
AC Capacity: 90kVA

What made this project interesting?

Highly specific requirements for trenching path. DC trench and PV array locations were specified to the millimetre via site survey. In addition, existing PV capacity and long cable runs led to a voltage drop above 2% for the new inverters. The OE had used PowerCAD to calculate voltage rise, but the system was non-compliant using AS/NZS 3008 methods. OE eventually took responsibility for voltage rise, while GSES managed everything else. 

Key Learnings

AS/NZS 3008 voltage rise calculations are typically over-conservative, especially when compared to software such as PowerCAD.

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