5.8 MWp Commercial Rooftop and Carport Solar Design


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5.8 MWp Commercial Rooftop and Carport Solar Design

Site Overview

Project Details

Service: Design
Date: 2019-2020
Location: Elizabeth, SA
Installation Type: Flush Mount (Roof) and 20 Degree Tilted Mount (Carport).
Array Capacity: 5.8 MW, this includes 2.7MW of rooftop solar and 3.1MW carport solar structures.
AC Capacity: Overall AC capacity was 4.6MW, this includes 2.166MW (Roof top) and 2.434MW (Carport).
Battery Capacity: 2MW/1MWh, split over two self-contained battery containers. Design allows for future expansion to 6MW/3MWh.

What made this project interesting?

The scale and the attention to each and every detail of the project made very interesting, it was one of largest commercial solar installation in South Australia. The exported energy provided support to the housing areas nearby.

Key Learnings

Extensively working with SolarEdge inverters helped us overcome the challenges faced while dealing with different types of modules and optimisers on the same type of inverter. Rooftop panel placement optimisation was another big learning, despite of using optimisers we had to make sure that the modules are not shaded. We learnt how important designing the carport structures was as per the string length of the modules, such that there no inter stringing between the adjacent carport structures and there are minimum number of dummy panels being installed on the structures to make them looks aesthetically pleasing.

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