480kVA Grid-Connected PV/Battery System


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480kVA Grid-Connected PV/Battery System

Site Overview

Project Details

Service: Design
Date: 2019-2020
Location: Wurdiboluc, VIC 3241
Installation Type: Fixed-tilt ground-mount
Array Capacity: 302.2 kWp
AC Capacity: 300.0 kVA
Battery Capacity: 180kW/205kWh

What made this project interesting?

The presence of existing underground services presented a challenge to trench design and asset location. With only one available location for the inverters and battery system, a 200m trench was designed and cables derated to account for soil conditions and numerous nearby existing cables.

The existing MSB on site was replaced concurrently with the PV installation. GSES reconfigured existing services and loads to connect to the new MSB which was positioned in a new location adjacent to the site transformer. The old MSB became a sub board fed by the new MSB.

GSES worked with industry partners to design a control system that cold safely manage the PV, battery, diesel generator, and the grid connection. Back feed to the generator was a primary concern as both the BESS and the generator were operational during grid outages.

Key Learnings

Location of existing infrastructure, especially underground services, must be front loaded on projects to ensure budgets and timelines are met. Existing infrastructure must also be stress tested for suitability with new installations, and upgrades prepared for.

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