2.5 MW PV and Battery Microgrid


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2.5 MW PV and Battery Microgrid

Source: Jurchen Technology
Site Overview

Project Details

Service: Design
Date: 2020
Location: Kyneton, VIC
Installation Type: Ground-mount, combination of fixed-tilt N-S and fixed E-W mounting
Array Capacity: 2494 kWp total. N-S: 1491.9 kWp, E-W: 1003.2 kWp
AC Capacity: 2160 kVA total. 1296.0 kVA (N-S system), 864 kVA (E-W system)
Battery Capacity: 2000 kW/2000 kWh containerised battery bank

What made this project interesting?

The project consists of two separate PV systems and connections, with each using different mounting methods. The systems were installed in separate stages, over a period of two years. Each stage was connected to a HV network purpose-built for the system. The 2MW/2MWh battery on site allows the system to operate as a microgrid if required and participates in FCAS and other network stability markets.

Key Learnings

The key learning from this project was how to manage a megawatt-scale PV system installed in multiple stages over a long timeframe and integrate a large battery.

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