7 Protection Coordination studies for 1MW PV installation


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7 Protection Coordination studies for 1MW PV installation

Site Overview

Project Details

Service: Design
Date: 2020
Location: Roxburgh VIC
Installation Type: Roof-mount
Array Capacity: 1.4 MWp
AC Capacity: 1.1 MWp
CO2-e Savings: u003cstrongu003e131.5 tonnes of emissions/yru003c/strongu003e

What made this project interesting?

DNSP requested GSES undertake a protection coordination study for planned and existing protection switch gear using industry standard software package PowerCAD. 

Key Learnings

PowerCAD database did not contain the existing circuit breakers on site. The design team had to develop a model of the new devices from existing data, other software packages and technical documentation. The final model was assembled to conform to DNSP requirements.

Even though the existing protection device does not coordinate with the proposed protection devices, the design team was able to provide strong reasoning for the DNSP. This resulted in the project to move forward.

GSES found that the existing protection device did not properly coordinate with the proposed new protection devices. GSES negotiated with the DNSP and reached a solution where it was shown that the system still complied with their standards in practice. This avoided significant project delays and cost.

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