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GSES to the (Greyhound) Rescue


The start of a new year is often thought of as a time to reassess one’s goals and values. GSES decided to start 2015 by devoting a day to helping Greyhound Rescue prepare its new kennels. The charity has to move out of its current kennels owing to the property’s redevelopment, and its new location was in desperate need of some TLC. GSES Director Susan Neill, a long-time greyhound owner and supporter of Greyhound Rescue and the Greyhound Adoption Program, offered company time to help get the grounds ready quickly.

Both Greyhound Rescue and the Greyhound Adoption Program help greyhounds that have been neglected after careers as racing dogs. They make for very friendly pets and stay in the kennels only until they find a new family.

Dolly, Susan’s greyhound, is a valued member of the GSES team and a beloved companion in the office. GSES staff members were keen to help those dogs who have not yet found a home feel comfortable in their new temporary lodgings in an old breeding centre in Rouse Hill.

GSES Director Susan Neill said, “GSES is truly proud to volunteer with Greyhound Rescue. I am passionate about trying to ensure that the greys bred for the greyhound racing industry in Australia aren’t forgotten if they don’t make the cut or once their careers are over.”

“I know first hand what wonderful family companions they can be and it’s heartbreaking to think of them destroyed or neglected just because they aren’t suitable to breed or compete.”

Ms Neill emphasised that the greyhounds have a bright future ahead of them after the new sanctuary has been established. “I am so pleased to see these greyhounds will have a better life.”

The first task was to tame the tall grass that was hiding many of the existing structures. GSES staff enjoyed stretching their volunteering skills with ride-on mowers, whipper snippers and rakes.

Before the dogs could be moved, the charity needed fenced areas for them to run around in. New exercise runs had been built on the site on a previous occasion, but the fencing needed some final touches. The GSES team enthusiastically secured the fences with extra wire. They then affixed shade cloth above part of the fenced runs, so the dogs can retreat to the shade during hot sunny days.

The day was a great success, after establishing vital new facilities and the not-for-profit charity was delighted to be able to move some greyhounds from their old home immediately. The volunteers expressed a great sense of achievement in helping the wider community, and more than a few ticked off a New Year’s resolution as well.

For more information about supporting Greyhound Rescue and Greyhound Adoption Program or adopting a greyhound, visit either charity’s website at and

Greyhounds are gentle, obedient social creatures. They love being around people and are very lazy, requiring only two 20 minute walks per day exercise, and very happy to sleep the rest of the time.

People can adopt a greyhound following a screening process. Foster carers are also appreciated, so the dogs can be taken care of before permanent adoption is finalised.

There are other ways to support Greyhound Rescue and Greyhound Adoption Program, besides homing a dog. Supporters can, from a distance, purchase a bag of dog food for the greyhounds who live at the Rouse Hill kennel.

Those who can’t house a hound, but want to maintain an individual dog’s livelihood, can sponsor a dog resident at the kennel.

Promotional merchandise can be purchased through the online store. Individuals can visibly show their support by using tees and other printed products with slogans such as, “the greys matter.” Proceeds go towards sustaining this not-for-profit charity.


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