Hervey Bay Hospital – 265kWp Inspection


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Hervey Bay Hospital – 265kWp Inspection


Project Details

Service: Inspection
Client: QLD Department of Health
Date: 2015
Location: Hervey Bay, QLD
Peak Capacity: 265kWp

About this Project

The QLD Department of Health commissioned GSES in September 2015 to inspect the Hervey Bay Hospital 265kWp PV system and then re-inspection the system after completion of rectification work. The system was inspected to applicable Australian standards, network regulations and industry guidelines at the time of installation. GSES also assessed the system’s performance history and checked for product defects using infra-red imaging and IV curve tracing.

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A certified GSES inspector and project engineer attended site to complete the comprehensive system assessment. A detailed report was produced for the QLD Department of Health including inspection outcomes supported by site photographs and recommendations for rectification work. GSES then monitored rectification work taking place at Hervey Bay Hospital prior to a final inspection to confirm compliant completion of work.

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