2.6MW PV, 11 shopping centres, 3 states


GSES has worked on projects across design, training, and consultancy, both in Australia and across the world. This has given GSES a comprehensive view of the market and experience in many environments with varying needs.

2.6MW PV, 11 shopping centres, 3 states

Site Overview

Project Details

Service: Design
Date: 2019-2020
Location: NSW, VIC and ACT
Installation Type: Roof-mount
Array Capacity: 3 MW over all rooftops
AC Capacity: 2.7 MW across all sites

What made this project interesting?

This project showed GSES ability to manage multiple concurrent projects remotely s with multiple stakeholders and different site requirements.  

Key Learnings

GSES further developed the skills to manage the flow of information between client, contractors and designers. The daily volume of information such as site inspections photos, existing site drawings and on-site information required the design team to play an active role in filtering the important information and integrating them into the design package. Producing industry standard performance estimate reports to be used for energy production guarantees.

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