Stand Alone Power Systems Resource Book 8th Edition


Stand alone power systems are energy systems designed to operate independently from a grid source of electricity. These systems may be powered by a variety of energy sources: wind, hydro, solar, geothermal, or fossil fuels and typically comprise energy storage technology and the use of inverters. The latest edition of this publication has been completely revised and revamped to an almost 600 page resource book, covering everything needed in the design and installation of SAPS.

The design and installation of a stand alone power system are constrained by and therefore must be planned according to the local conditions and energy sources available. These systems are the solution for power supplies in remote locations without a grid connection, or at places where the grid itself is inherently unreliable.  Because there is no assumed grid backup for a stand alone power system, the design and installation must guarantee continuous power supply based on the system design.

This resource publication covers the design of a standalone power system, the renewable power sources, the storage medium, the system installation based on technology and product selection, the system economics and the system design variations, e.g. AC Bus and DC Bus systems.

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