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Grid-Connected Commercial Solar Design Services

GSES provides commercial solar design services in three tiers to suit most clients’ needs. You may select a Concept, Detailed, or IFC design pack, for instance. Our team of CEC Accredited engineers work without bias to complete your commercial solar project. In addition, we are “product agnostic” and can work with your preferred technology.

We are also able to add in:

  • Network Technical Studies
  • Connection Applications
  • Engineering Services such as: protection coordination, lightning risk assessment, earth grid design, complex trench design and much more

Since 1998, GSES has been a trusted and independent engineering provider for commercial contractors and other stakeholders. For example, GSES has provided a wide range commercial solar design services across Australia, the South Pacific, Africa and India.

For more information on the available services, see your Capability Statement below:

Feasiblity study of a commercial solar desing

Concept Designs

Concept designs are quickly produced on the same base as our detailed designs but do not contain any engineering hours. Therefore, the primary purpose of this pack is to demonstrate a proposed roof layout to your client, with a very simplified DC and AC SLD. Use these packs for a cost-effective method of showing your client you are serious to convince them to sign up.

Project Developers may use our preliminary design services to model a chosen concept, refine system costs and benefits, or create a board proposal report. Project Bidders may use GSES preliminary design services to help cost a project bid, create a tender design, or to illustrate a project offering.

What’s Included?

Site Plan

• Depicts location of array, inverters, PVDB, MSB, DC and AC cable tray.
• Identifies major site shading obstacles.
• Identifies system specifications, panels, inverters, AC and DC capacity.

DC SideAC Side
Simplified SLD with total number of panels evenly divided across the inverters selected.
Simplified SLD depicting inverters and PVDB connected to existing site electrical infrastructure.
No consideration given to string optimization at this stage.No cable calculations.
No cable calculations performed.No engineering performed.

3D render of a commercial solar design

Detailed Designs

GSES’s Detailed Design Pack is our most popular design product, providing a balance of highly polished presentation, engineered solutions, and reasonable cost. This pack provides you with everything you need to order stock and get on site.

What’s Included?

Site Plan:

Depicts location of: array, pre-arranged exclusion zones, DC isolators, DC cable tray, inverters, PVDB, AC cable route, MSB and relevant sub boards and point of connection.
• Identifies relevant shading obstacles.
• Identifies system specifications, panel types, inverter types.

DC SideAC Side
Single Line Diagram (SLD)
One for each unique inverter configuration. Identifies string lengths and strings in parallel, DC cable CSA, minimum DC isolator ratings, DC voltage and current specifications for strings.
Single Line Diagram (SLD)
Switchboard IP and fault rating (information supplied by client), NMI, meter number, cable type and CSA, protection device ratings, isolator ratings, simplified PVDB with relay and contactor, inverters, inverter manager.
Cable Calculations: Voltage Rise & Current Carrying Capacity for the worst-case DC cable run.
Assumed to be bunched in wiring enclosure in air.
Cable Calculations: Voltage Rise, Current Carrying Capacity
Assumed touching on cable tray unless specified.
Detailed String Layout with IsolatorsProtection Schematic is sold separately, or may be sourced from the supplier of the protection board.

Comms Schematic sold separately. Depiction on AC SLD is indicative only.
Export limiting not shown unless GSES is advised at start of project.

Issued For Construction (IFC) Design Packs

When every detail of your design is expected to face scrutiny from your client or the Owner’s Engineer, GSES offers the “Issued For Construction” Design Pack. This is engineered in every aspect, leaving nothing to be decided on site. This is the final stage of commercial solar design.

What’s Included?

Site Plan:

  • All deliverables included in Detailed Site Plan
  • Separate site plan per unique roof/array, depicting exclusion zones and wind rating zones as per structural certificate or AS1170.2.
  • Racking interface spacing for each roof zone.
DC Side AC Side
String Layout: All deliverables included in Detailed DC Single Line Diagram (SLD)AC SLD: All deliverables included in Detailed AC SLD.
Cable Sizing: All deliverables included in Detailed DC Cable Calculations
Optimize cable and cable tray configuration for least cost.
Cable Sizing: All deliverables included in Detailed AC Cable Calculations.
Optimize cable and cable tray configuration for least cost.
Cable Schedule: Register of all DC cables specified for installation including location, installation condition, CSA, length, core type, and insulation.Cable Schedule: Register of all AC cables specified for installation including location, installation condition, CSA, length, core type, and insulation.

Earthing Diagram

  • Single Line Diagram depicting earth cable details from array frame to site MEN Link.
  • Calculation of earth cable resistance at all points of PV system.

Inverter Station Elevations

  • Front, side and plan views of inverter station depicting DC cable tray, DC isolator enclosures, inverters, AC cable tray, PVDB, inverter shade hood.
  • All elements dimensioned.
  • Section view of cable tray depicting spacing of cables to comply with cable calculations.

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