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Grid-Connect PV Systems with Battery Storage Design Only


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The Grid-Connected PV Systems with Battery Storage: Design only Course is designed for grid-connected photovoltaic system designers who wish to further their skills by being able to incorporate battery storage systems. The delivery mode of this course is designed for busy tradespeople and professionals who do not have the time to attend lengthy face-to-face courses to expand their knowledge and skills: the fully flexible web-based format of the online component allows students to complete the theory in their own time.

To enrol in this course, you must have previously successfully completed an approved Grid-connected PV Systems Design course. Students who successfully complete all components of the course will receive a certificate of completion equivalent to UEERE5001. This meets the training component of the Clean Energy Council’s requirements for Battery Storage Design endorsement for CEC Grid-connect accredited designers; however, this course is not considered Nationally Recognised Training for students who have not completed the relevant VET sector prerequisite units of competency.


Please read the essential Course Information and Policies before purchasing this course.

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This course is designed for engineers and others working in the renewable energy industry who are accredited to design grid-connected photovoltaic systems and wish to further their skills to design grid-connected battery storage. The course is entirely online with tutor support via phone and email. Course access is valid for 12 months.


Clean Energy Council (CEC) Grid-connect Design Accreditation, or certificate of completion equivalent to UEENEEK125A and UEENEEK135A (e.g. the GSES Grid-Connected PV Systems Design Only course). Grid-Connected PV System Design is considered as ‘required prior learning’ for this course.

This course is only classified as Nationally Recognised Training for students who have a Statement of Attainment for UEENEEK135A.

Outcome of successful completion:

Certificate of completion equivalent to the following Unit of Competency and eligible to apply for CEC Battery Storage Design endorsement (refer to the CEC for any additional requirements).

  • UEERE5001: Design battery storage systems for grid connected photovoltaic systems

Students who have a Statement of Attainment for the prerequisite unit UEENEEK135A will receive a Statement of Attainment for UEERE5001.

Required materials: Students are supplied with the publication Grid-Connected PV Systems with Battery Storage 1st Edition after enrolment at no additional cost. Students are responsible for obtaining current copies of the following Australian Standards, available for purchase from the SAI Global website and also available from some libraries, institutions and industry associations:

  • AS/NZS 5033 – Photovoltaic arrays
  • AS/NZS 4777.1 – Grid connection of energy systems via inverters
  • AS/NZS 4509.1 – Stand Alone Power Systems – Safety and installation
  • AS/NZS 4509.2 – Stand Alone Power Systems – System Design

Students will also require the following:

  • Computer with reliable Internet connection
  • Scientific calculator
  • Email account, checked regularly

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