F2F WHS for Solar


Face to Face Short Course

This is the face to face version of the ‘Work Health & Safety for Solar’ online short course for events/roadshows and covers the different types of hazards and risks commonly encountered in the solar industry and how to prevent or manage them. It includes essential knowledge of SafeWork Australia’s legislation and industry codes of practice, as well as a distinct repository of resources related to work, health and safety practices in Australia.

The course content touches upon various subjects including:

  • Legislation and regulations related to work, health and safety
  • Hazard identification and risk assessment for the solar industry
  • Types, inspections and application of PPE
  • The dangers of asbestos & silica
  • Emergency and rescue plans
  • Working safely with electricity

The course is relevant for installers, engineers, project developers, homeowners, site managers and other non-technical people connected with the industry who would want to understand the relevant regulations and legislation related to WHS in Australia, and how they impact designs and installations.

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