F2F Overview of 5139 Battery Safety


Face to Face Short Course

This is the face to face version of the “Overview of AS/NZS 5139 Battery Safety Course” online short course for events/roadshows and is designed to provide an overview to PV designers and installers of the AS/NZS 5139:2019 Battery Safety Standard

The course content touches upon various subjects including:

  • Scope and definitions of the standard
  • Battery storage hazards
  • Other considerations that need to made when working with batteries
  • Details the difference between pre-assembled integrated and pre-assembled batteries and their different safety measures.

The course is relevant for installers, engineers, project developers, homeowners, site managers and other non-technical people connected with the industry who would want to acquaint themselves with general battery terminology, hazards, and installation safety requirements.

This face to face presentation will run for 1 hour, followed by a 10 question quiz. Successful completion of the quiz will provide the participant with a GSES certificate of completion, which can be submitted to the Solar Accreditation Australia to earn SAA accredited designers and installers 30 CPD points valid until 30 July 2024.

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