Face to Face Short Course

This is the face to face version of the ‘EV Charging Essentials’ online short course for events/roadshows and covers technical and financial points you need to consider when planning and designing EV charging infrastructure. The course covers topics such as EV charging station design concepts, budgeting and producing practical maintenance plans for EV charging stations. In addition to this, there is a quiz after every topic in the course designed to test your comprehensive understanding of the material.

The course content touches upon various subjects including:

  • The key elements of EV charging infrastructure
  • Concept design of a charging station
  • Budgeting for EV charging infrastructure
  • Operating and Maintaining EV charging infrastructure

The course is relevant for installers, engineers, project developers, homeowners, site managers and other non-technical people connected with the industry who would want to acquaint themselves with design, budgeting and operating and maintaining EV charging infrastructure.

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