F2F Solar Battery System Fundamentals


Face to Face Short Course

This is the face to face version of the Solar Battery System Fundamentals course that provides a comprehensive introduction to grid-connected battery energy systems and how they can work in conjunction with a PV system. It is a technical course that introduces key concepts regarding the technologies used, the basics of sizing a battery and the operational life of a battery system. It will also cover some typical functions of a battery system such as providing backup during grid outages and off-setting peak loads.

This course is perfect for homeowners, council members and non-technical people working in the industry.

This face to face presentation will run for 1 hour, followed by a 10 question quiz. Successful completion of the quiz will provide the participant with a GSES certificate of completion, which can be submitted to the Solar Accreditation Australia to earn SAA accredited designers and installers 30 CPD points valid until 30 July 2024.


This is a GSES Auto-Enrol course. Before purchase, please read the Important Enrolment Information in the description section below to ensure a smooth and speedy enrolment.

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