Independent Inspections

GSES is able to provide independent quality and compliance inspections of PV installations.  GSES provides engineering, quality assurance and compliance services internationally in accordance with relevant national and international standards and industry guidelines. In Australia and internationally, GSES has completed more than 8500 solar system inspections based on the requirements set out in standards, industry guidelines and industry best practice.

GSES is also highly experienced in design and performance assessment of Renewable Energy power systems, particularly in the field of Photovoltaics (PV) and
diesel-grid hybrid.


The inspection scope is determined at the behest of the system owner. The scope can include any of the following options on top of the comprehensive compliance validation which is done according to applicable standards, industry guidelines and network regulations:

  1. System Verification against the project contract to ensure the product delivered meets the specification set out therein
  2. Audit of design documentation to ensure all documents meet the contract specification and the as-built system
  3. Confirm contractor predicted energy yield by verification of estimation methodology and through review of recorded data against site specific conditions
  4. Infrared imaging of a statistically significant sample set of modules and module connectors and of all isolation points
  5. I-V curve tracing for all strings in the system
  6. Instantaneous Performance Ratio (PR) using inverter power output and mobile pyranometer
  7. 120hr Energy Performance Ratio (PR) using array fixed, data-logging pyranometers and data logging power analyser


GSES has a national network of certified inspectors which can be used to confirm warranty claims on PV modules or inverters.  GSES has developed the process for warranty testing and reporting which can be tailored to meet any specific client requirements.


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