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The training that GSES provides is not limited to Australia, but has also been established around the world. GSES has helped many countries in building their capacity for a renewable energy industry, and has done this through establishing training centres and customised training courses tailored to each individual areas needs.


At the request of clients, GSES will provide training services covering Grid-Connect PV System Design and Installation, Grid-Connect with Battery Design and Installation and PV System Operation and Maintenance training. GSES follows stringent training and teaching practices, developed from our compliance with RTO requirements in Australia. This ensures that students are training in a safe working environment and are given the skills to properly assess project safety, design, installation, operation and maintenance. GSES provides ongoing Grid Connected PV training in the South East Asia and Pacific region and provides value added training services for client design and installation contracts. GSES provides training in conjunction with Owners Engineer system conformance, compliance and performance testing. This enables students to witness system operational testing first hand.

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Do you hold your Grid-connected PV Systems Design only accreditation?


Do you hold a Grid-connected PV accreditation?