Structural Certifications for Commercial Solar


Online Short Course

Structural Certifications for Commercial Solar gives students the fundamental knowledge of both building and PV mounting system structural certifications in a convenient online short course.

Course Content:

  • Fundamentals of a building structure, including the effects of installing a PV system on the rooftop
  • An overview of AS/NZS 1170.2
  • Fundamentals and the process of undertaking a structural certification of a commercial building
  • Fundamentals of mounting system certifications


Most commercial buildings are not specifically designed to account for a PV system when they are built. It is the system designer’s responsibility to ensure that the building is capable for withstanding the additional load without affecting its structural integrity.

Attaining a structural certification for the commercial building and mounting structure has a direct influence on multiple aspects of a PV system. From ensuring compliance with AS/NZS 5033 and AS/NZS 1170.2, all the way to minimising liability and financial risks for stakeholders.

Is this course for you?

This course is for any person who wants to increase their familiarity of structural certification of mounting systems and commercial buildings in association with a PV system. Council and government professionals, sales people, engineers and installers are all encouraged to take this course.

This course is currently not eligible for CPD points with the Clean Energy Council (CEC).

This course is eligible for 2 hours professional development with Engineers Australia

Enrolment Instructions:

 Students gain immediate access to the full course upon enrolment. 

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This course has no prerequisites. Basic knowledge of physics and maths is recommended.

Materials and Equipment

A computer or mobile device with internet access is required.

Delivery Method and Duration

This course is estimated to take 2 hours to complete. The course is self-paced and has an access duration of 1 year. The delivery is done online through written material, videos and quizzes.

Cancellation and Refunds

A full refund is available within 14 days of purchase, on the condition that the student/s have not yet logged into the student portal. Due to the online nature of the course, no refunds are possible once the course has been accessed on the student portal.

Course Outline

Building Fundamentals:

    • Structural effects of installing a PV system on the rooftop

Fundamentals of AS/NZS 1170.2

    •  Determining the site wind speed
    •  Determining the regional wind gust speed
    •  Wind Direction Multiplier (Md)
    •  Terrain/Height Multiplier (Mz,cat)
    •  Shielding Multiplier
    •  Topographic Multiplier
    •  Determining the design wind speed
    •  Determining the wind pressure at the site
    •  Determining the aerodynamic shape factor

Fundamentals of Structural Certification

    • Who can perform a structural certification?
    •  What information is required to perform a structural certification?
    •  Safety
    •  Roof components
    •  Building details
    •  Roof details
    •  What does a structural certificate look like?
    •  How much should it cost?
    •  When to undertake a structural assessment

Fundamentals of Mounting System Certification

    • Generic Structural Certificates
    • Interpreting interface spacing tables
    • Site-specific structural assessments
    • Interpreting site-specific certificates
Training Outcome

Students that complete the course successfully will receive a certificate of completion. This course is currently not eligible for CPD points with the Clean Energy Council.

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